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4 Ways to Love Your Dog & Make Them Happy

Camp K Nine

Your dog is your best friend. You love and care for your pup like you would any member of your family. They are loyal and always there for you. And, by making them yours, you are always there for them. If you’re wondering how you can do more to keep your furry friend happy and healthy, we want to share our top 4 ways to love your dog & make them happy.

Socialization & Doggy Day Care

It’s hard to get the right balance between leaving your dog at home while you’re at work or on vacation. Providing a stimulating environment for them on a daily basis is part of being a responsible dog owner. By exposing your dog to other dogs and giving them the opportunity to run and play with others is a great way to provide socialization and a bit of exercise every day. We recommend bringing your dog to doggy day care! Companionship, socialization, and exercise every day while you are at work will make your pooch a happier member of your family. Doggy Day Care is offered six days a week at Camp K Nine and packages are available for multiple dog families.

Dog Training

Whether your dog is a puppy, adolescent, or just in need of some basic instruction, training can make a big difference in both your dog’s and family’s happiness. Your dog may need to learn the basics like walking on a leash, or you may be looking for behavior modification, or other advanced training options. Any of these dog training specialties can add to the overall dog’s health and wellness. A well-trained dog can be a pleasure for you and anyone who comes in contact with them. Our expert recommendation is to start as early as possible, but we can help guide you when selecting options for dog training at Camp K Nine.

Board Your Dog

Boarding your dog should not be a stressful situation for either of you. When your dog is boarded in the right facility, they should be happy to arrive, excited to be there, and even happier to see you when you return. Camp K Nine offers are a variety of boarding options for your best friends that include individual playtime, picture messages for you, and a variety of lengths of stay. Our expert and compassionate staff will care for your pet as they would their own, while you are away. Boarding your dog gives them the opportunity to make friends with other dogs, play with their friends, and enjoy activities. You can even schedule doggy spa services for them as if they are on vacation too!


While we’re talking about doggy spa services, grooming is an essential part of keeping your dog happy. It’s not all about bows and bandanas, there’s so much more to grooming than meets the eye.  Our on-staff groomer can help keep your dog as comfortable as possible with regular services such as baths, coat brushing, hair cutting, nail trims, teeth brushing, and even ear cleaning. Being well groomed, and having you keep up with it at home between visits, will make a huge difference in how your dog feels about the grooming process. There are so many options which will keep your dog happy and healthy. You feel your best when you are well-groomed and taken care of, and your dog feels the same way!These are just 4 ways you can help keep your dog happy and healthy. We love seeing our furry friends when they are brought in for any of our services. Tails wagging, eyes bright, and happy faces make our days the best ever! Find out more about how we can help you keep your dogs’ happy, healthy, and active. Contact us for more information on training, boarding, day care, and grooming.

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