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Dog Training Services

Basic Obedience

Our basic obedience training includes on-leash sit, stay, down, heel and come.

Board & Train

This is our most effective program. With this service, your dog stays with us at our facility. We make an initial assessment and develop a tailored training program for your dog.

Basic Personal Protection

Basic personal protection includes drive development, confidence-building exercises, bite development, stress-tolerance exercises, on-leash defense of handler, on-leash bark, guard, bite, and out commands. Dogs must pass an obedience test prior to admission.

Dogs For Sale

A select breed of dogs known for their exceptional protection qualities are available. German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Doberman Pinchers. These dogs are highly trained in defense measures to protect you and your family. Give us a call...


Advance Training

Our advanced obedience includes off-leash sit, stay, down, heel and come.

Executive /Personal Protection Dogs.

Since we see the growing need for such dogs, we have decided to provide the same quality of dogs to our clients and the public at reasonable and affordable prices. We will offer 4 dogs a year from our very own kennels. Dogs will range from 1 - 4 years old.

Behavior Modification

Our behavior modification training is specific to the modification requested by the owner/handler.

Dog Transport

We offer safe and reliable pick up and delivery of your dog anywhere in the US, and Canada. We are a timely and dependable animal transport service. We have over 40 years of professional experience with K9’s. Contact us for your animal transport needs.